Cool Tips

A glacial gastronomic Smorgasbord of information collected over two and a half decades as a developer and SQL Server DBA. 


When this page was started, there were almost 1000 sample files.  These have been broken down into a broad set of categories.
Some scripts may fit in multiple categories, but I've done my best to allocate them to the best fit.
The search function on this site is powered by Google, so it's pretty good at finding most things, and I have been careful to describe everything using Microsoft terminology.
Initially there was a severe amount of banging my head against the wall while fighting with the Google Sites HTML to try and make the code samples readable and easy on the eye.  Thanks must go to Red-Gate for their simple (and free) code prettifier.  Nothing else came close to producing sensible HTML.

NOTE:  7 Jun 2020 - after 6 years with no updates to the site, I returned and was disappointed to find that the Code Prettifier had been retired.  Fortunately, Notepad ++, in conjunction with the NPPExport plugin, allows TSQL to be displayed with syntax highlighting and exported to an HTML file.  This file can then be opened in Chrome and cut/pasted into any page with the formatting intact.  Messy, but free  :-)