SQL Server Migration Toolkit

Get Unused Databases - INFO: Check if there are any databases that have not been used since the last SQL Server restart

Get Replication Details - INFO: Get a list of Replication publications, subscriptions and articles. Must be run against the Distribution database

Generate Backup Scripts - MIGRATE: Generate scripts to back up all User DBs on the source server

Migrate Backup Files - MIGRATE: Generate scripts to copy all backup files from the source server to destination server (using XCOPY)

Generate Restore Scripts - MIGRATE: Generate restore scripts for all migrated DBs on the destination server.

Migrate all logins and Database Security - MIGRATE: Generate a script to create all logins, users and database security from the source database

Generate Database Offline-Online Scripts - MIGRATE: Generate scripts to take old DBs offline/online

Remove Permissions from a Database - MIGRATE - Generate code to remove all permissions/rights from a DB. Useful if the old DB is to remain online for reference only

Relocating System Databases Relocating System Databases- MIGRATE - Notes on how to move system databases. Not something that should be the first choice, but included for completeness