Get Index Details - Returns a list of all indexes for one or all tables in a database. Includes details of tables with just a Heap.

Generate Create/Drop Index Commands - Returns 2 lists, one containing the commands to drop all Indexes in a database, the other to create them.

Identify Full or Partial Duplicate Indexes - List either exact duplicate indexes (with key and included columns) or partial duplicates (key columns only).

Identify Top N Missing Indexes - Lists the system recommendations for indexes that would provide benefit to currently active queries. Includes stats on how many times these would have been useful

Generate Create/Drop Statements for Missing Indexes - Generates the CREATE/DROP statements for the top 20 system recommendations for missing indexes

Check if an Update of Index Statistics Required - A function that returns true if >10% of the rows of any index on a table have been modified.

Get Index Metadata - Multiple queries that list metadata about all indexes in a database, from counts per table to unused and duplicate indexes

Get Fulltext Index Composition - Get Index composition for all FullText Indexes in a database

Get Fulltext Index Status - Get Index Status for all FullText Indexes in a database