Data Conversion

Convert Decimal to base n - Converts any base 10 integer to a string representation in a base from 2 to 36.

Calculate distance between 2 lat/long coordinates - Straight line distance in Km.

Convert HEX to BIGINT - Multiple approaches for 2000/2005 and 2008/2012.

Check the impact of converting from NVARCHAR to VARCHAR - Creates Dynamic SQL code that will check for potential data corruption/loss when converting from UNICODE.

Convert GPS Decimal to DMS - Converts a decimal representation of a lat/long coordinate to Degrees/Minutes/Seconds format string.

Convert to and from Roman Numerals - Indispensable!

String Splitter - Very Fast - Pivots a delimited list into a single column results table.

Generate 'Numbers' Table - Three methods (with and without CTE and using OVER clause) of generating a dynamic table of sequential numbers.

String Unsplitter - Pivots a single column into a comma delimited list.

Spell out Numbers - Function to Convert Integer or Decimal format numbers to their text equivalent.

Generate Random Strings - Generates a list of random VARCHAR(8) strings.

Convert String to Proper Case - Converts a mixed case text string to Proper Case.

Remove Selected Characters from a String - Removes characters specified by a REGEX from a supplied string.