Performance Measurement, Analysis and Optimization

Search SQL Server Error Logs - Pro grammatically search through one or all of the SQL Server error log files .

Get CPU Usage for last 4 hours - Retrieves SQL Server, Idle, and Other Process processor percentages from the 'System Health' Extended Events Ring Buffer.

Kill all Processes in a DB - Kill all user processes in a specified database. Will fail if the current connection is in the specified database or if no database is supplied.

Kill all Orphan Processes - Kills all user processes on a server with last_batch time older than a supplied number of hours. Defaults to 24 hours

Get Server Uptime - Retrieve the last time the SQL Server service was restarted, calculate uptime, and indicate whether SQLAgent service is running

Get Database Buffer Cache Size - Retrieves the Number of pages in the buffer pool with database content.

Retrieve Key Default Trace Information - Several code snippets to manage and retrieve SQL Server default perfmon trace information

Server-Side Profiler Traces - A set of tables and SPs to schedule, run and summarize multiple SQL Server Profiler server-side traces.

SQL Profiler Traces - revised - A standalone SP to allow the invocation of a SQL Server server-side trace. The previous version above was a little cumbersome. This version is more portable and easier to run across multiple servers.

SQL Profiler Traces - Login Events only - A cut-down server-side trace SP that monitors only login events

Get Slow Running Queries - Lists top 100 slow running queries. Uses IO and duration history to identify those queries that have degraded the most