Data Formatting

Universal String Padder - Pad a string with one or many of the same character as the beginning, end, middle or beginning and end.

Strip HTML tags from a string - Basic function to remove all HTML tags. Does not remove HTML embedded codes (eg &nbsp).

Output SQL Results as HTML - Converts the results set from a single TSQL query to an HTML table. Formatting can be customized.

Dynamic Projection of Columns from a Query - Allows the creation and execution of queries with dynamic SELECT statements (columns can be specified using wild-cards).

Quick and Dirty Results Graph - Create simulated bar graph directly in the results set. For those times when Reporting Services is just too much trouble...

Cleaning and Formatting Phone Numbers - Cleaning/Formatting phone numbers on the fly using in line functions. Originally written for SYBASE 15 so excludes some of the more recent SQL Server TSQL techniques.

Enhanced Trim Function - Removes non-breaking spaces and all other control characters from the leading and trailing edges of a string.

Get List of Months or Days - Returns an ordered list of months or days. Ideal for report parameter lists. Takes into account @@DATEFIRST setting.

Standardize PK and FK Names - Script that generates TSQL to rename PKs and FKs to a standard name format