Date and Time Manipulation

Calculate Easter Sunday Date - Most holiday days have fairly simple formulae. Easter Sunday is different and really requires a function of its own.

Create Master Calendar Table - A daily calendar table with a huge number or pre-calculated calendar attributes, plus most North American Holidays.

Time Zone Storage and Conversion - 3 functions and a table to facilitate easy conversion of a date and time between time zones. Includes provisions for DST.

Date Ceiling Function - Rounds a date time up to the next whole second, minute, hour, day, month or year, as required

Date Floor Function - Rounds a date time down to the last whole second, minute, hour, day, month or year, as required

Format DATETIME as String - Changes a DATETIME parameter to the format 'Fri 22nd Jun 2012'.

Convert Milliseconds to Hours and Minutes String - Converts #Milliseconds to a string of format '0000h 00m'.

Calculate Common Date Ranges - A function to calculate the start and end dates for common date ranges e.g. This Week, Last Month, Next Year

Grouping/Counting by Dates - Examples of a simple technique for easy grouping of dates by second, minute, hour or day (and some points in between).

Generate Date Ranges - Examples of techniques used to generate sequential or random date or date/time sequences.

Get Fiscal Year Ordered Month List - Order the list of months from April to March, representing a fiscal year.