Backup and Restore

Get File Growth - Calculates and returns file growth data for all files in databases that are being backed up.

Get File Autogrowth Events - Retrieves a list of data file autogrowth events from the SQL Server default trace file(s).

Get Backup File Size History - Retrieves the file size history for all database files. Also performs some daily aggregation calculations to aid in space/bandwidth forecasting.

Backup all DBs with COPY_ONLY option - Creates and runs the commands to backup all databases using the COPY_ONLY option which does not upset any existing backup sequence.

Get all Database File Sizes - Retrieves the database size and associated file size on disk for each file of every database on a server.

Get Last Full Backup Date - Retrieves the last full backup for every database on a server. Extended version with TXLog and Differential backups and the ability to email out when they are overdue.

Get Latest DB Restore Details - Retrieves the last restore operation details for every DB on the server, including details of the source backup file and when the backup was taken.

Get Backup Compression Effectiveness - Retrieves backup compression percentage for all backup types for all databases on a server.

Cleanup Symantec Backup Exec 10d Job History - An emergency script to be used when the task cleanup has never been run and the one provided cannot cope.

How to: Transfer a large database across a slow WAN - Utilizes Red-Gate SQLBackup Pro (v6.2 +), with striped and encrypted backups.

Get restore progress - Retrieves restore progress and ETA for all DB restores currently running

Retrieve Default Backup Location - Retrieves Default backup location from the registry.

Get Database and Backup File Sizes - Retrieve database data and log sizes plus the last DB and log backup sizes for each DB on a server

Daily Backup Check - Retrieve a list of latest Data and Log backup dates and annotate those that are potentially overdue