SQL Server Security

Script out all Database Security - Links to a script in the Migration Toolkit that generates comprehensive scripts for all DB security objects and associated server logins, with passwords encrypted

Enumerate Logins mapped via Groups - Get a list of domain logins that have access to the current server via domain group membership

Fix Orphaned Users in a Database - Fix all orphaned logins in a database.

Generate a database security report - This is a really helpful report that produces a comprehensive web page that can be used to document the security on a server.

Get List of Impersonated Rights - Get a list of impersonation rights granted at a Server level.

Server Permissions Audit - Lists all Server and Database roles on the server, along with their member logins and users

Get List of Failed Login Attempts - Parse the SQL Error Log files for failed logins.

Change SQL Agent Job Owner - Change the owner of an existing SQLAgent job

Generate Script for Database Permissions - A lightweight scripting of database level permissions

Create Application Roles using TSQL - Create application roles using TSQL

Get List of Users with 'sa' Privileges - Get a list of server users with 'sa' privileges